Tech businesses get boost from AeroSpace Cornwall grants

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AeroSpace Cornwall has given grants to three exciting tech businesses which fall outside of traditional ‘aerospace’ supply chains.

James Fairbairn at AeroSpace Cornwall believes support of advances in the digital and tech sectors that influence the capabilities of space and aerospace are vital. He said: “These businesses will contribute to space and aerospace in diverse and exciting ways, proving that Cornwall is establishing itself as a catalyst for high-tech innovation.

“They’re creating significant downstream innovations that capture the imagination, and we’re proud to help give these inspirational businesses the chance to grow, to invest and to collaborate.”

ADi Access in Truro has identified where the innovation behind their RoomMate audio description tool for people with sight loss could impact aerospace. It will additionally fund research into pairing the technology behind RoomMate with low energy beacons to extend accessibility to whole buildings, which could include travel hubs, learning institutions, public stadiums and aircraft and other vehicles. Proof of concept is planned at Aerohub Business Park.

Similarly Truro’s Ivstitia has created a niche in delivering Secure Software as a Service (“SaaS”) that provides a method of secure, dedicated Restorative Justice Case Management. Their product has clear potential in other markets such as aerospace and space where there is a need for dedicated secure web applications and effective data sharing and work processes.

AeroSpace Cornwall funding will help them to carry out market research on the ground and build connections in the US to support the final stages of product development.

Engine House in Redruth is taking prototyping to a new level using 3D animation and CGI. The animation studio has used AeroSpace Cornwall grant funding to purchase the Magic Leap One device, enabling them to experiment with ground-breaking content and develop demos and prototypes. This is paving the way for Engine House to work with organisations in the space sector to develop unique space content.

Support is still available for innovative businesses that could contribute to further growth of the Cornish aerospace and space economy. Contact us for more information.