AeroSpace Cornwall invest in data mining from Outer Space to benefit UK business

  • Investment will support the development of Cloud Digital’s ‘Earth Vision’ designed to harness satellite space data
  • Complex data structures will allow businesses to unlock commercial benefit
  • Cornwall selected for project due to high-speed connectivity to Europe and the US

Cloud Digital - experts in cloud strategy and digital transformation - is forging ahead with its new project, Earth Vision, after being awarded £99,453.33 funding from AeroSpace Cornwall to pivot from advanced cybersecurity into this flourishing sector.

Earth Vision, a revolutionary new concept, intends to integrate the rich web of space data harvested from satellites into mainstream software offerings. Using such software would enable the following: construction businesses would be able to identify areas prone to flooding, which could impact property developments and prices. In retail, companies could analyse foot traffic around shopping centres in real-time, giving an increased overview of how customers behave. With these tools built into their systems, businesses could reap substantial commercial benefits and cause positive change. 

To ensure secure data transmission, Cloud Digital is planning to create a cybersecurity centre for satellite and space operations from the heart of Cornwall. This will involve exploring IoT-like technology deployed in space, alongside examining how to protect and secure infrastructure that provides services to satellite companies.

To make the data transmitted more accessible, as an accredited partner of Google, Cloud Digital will be leveraging their big data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to manage complex space data structures. It is hoped that Earth Vision Studio will ingest multiple data feeds and offer several self-service products, which will allow users to build reports and visualise data easily. This accessibility will position Earth Vision as a suitable option for businesses with little or no experience in data science or machine learning. 

Beginning the process, Cloud Digital has been working with Cornish Heavyweights, Goonhilly Earth Station, as a strategic partner over the past several months; benefitting from their technical expertise to revolutionise the gathering and application of data transmitted from space.

James Fairbairn, Business Development Manager, AeroSpace Cornwall: “We’re very excited to welcome Cloud Digital to Cornwall. Opening up space data to the commercial market will offer a huge advantage for businesses. With their experience and accreditations, Cloud Digital is uniquely positioned to deliver this offering safely and securely. This is another great benefit to the growing UK space sector.”

 Jonathan Palmer Co-Founder, Cloud Digital: “We’re so glad to be a part of the space network in Cornwall. We want to transform the way businesses use data, and space is the key to unlocking this potential. We’re looking forward to helping secure space and satellite communications through the progression of Earth Vision.”

The portal will be developed throughout 2021 to go to market by the end of the year.

About Cloud Digital 

Cloud Digital specialise in Cloud Security, Digital Transformation and Cloud Management; helping the world become a safe place through Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. The company specialises in finance, telecommunications, and cybersecurity and is currently the UK Government's G-Cloud supplier.  

They use a blended mix of processes, tools and resources to work in partnership with businesses, encouraging them to think strategically and tech-spend smarter with the resultant effect of increasing profitability and boosting efficiency. As an accredited Google Cloud Partner Cloud Digital work on behalf of Google as well as their clients. Their skills include GCP professional architecture, design and implementation.