Businesses working with AeroSpace Cornwall

Meet the businesses we are supporting in 2021.


The team at AeroSpace Cornwall has been supporting a wide range of businesses who are looking increase their capability in the space and aerospace sectors.  Our support is wide ranging, offering businesses large R&D grants, fully funded market research grants or business support, in order to enable them to develop their product, service or technologies in the space and aerospace sectors. 

Check out our list of businesses in Cornwall, all working on innovative projects, in order to increase their capability for the space and aerospace supply chain. 


TouchByte has a developed a new Contactless Access Control Solution which replaces fingerprint technology, keycodes, plastic cards and phones. AeroSpace Cornwall will work with TouchByte to install the system in high profile local locations. 

Conex Portal

ConeX is a digital hub which aims to help connect product developers and their project ideas to a suitable supply chain and the manufacturing and aerospace community. The grant will enable the business to improve digital functionality and upgrade the portal, incorporating a messaging system, community and blog pages, project management and invoicing tools to the platform.  

CHS Tactical 

CHS Tactical Ltd provides bespoke training solutions, utilising advanced Virtual Reality systems, for tactical aircrew training. They are looking to improve the technology, in order to seamlessly blend real and synthetic worlds to create a unique and immersive experience. Working on new VR headsets will allow the development of a completely new style of training delivery.  

Helicrew Manager

HeliCrewManager run a helicopter crew rosta management tool for operators. Funding and support has enabled them to work with IP and legal experts as well as enhance their programming. Helicrew are growing rapidly, with several large operators on their books who are taking advantage of their ability to manage complex helicopter operations. 

Mayes Creative

Mayes Creative has developed a ‘citizen science’ cosmic ray detector, having explored a number of commercial routes to market would like to understand the market demand for the cosmic ray detector amongst space and astro-physic enthusiasts that would enable the production of the units to be commercially viable.


Sechoia Ltd has developed proof-of-concept software that combines depth imaging, edge computing and machine learning to create real-time data analytics. The combination of 3D mapping with object tracking allows for objects to be spatially localised, creating intuitive datasets which highlight how objects interact with their environment. The business are developing a working prototype to run in various market sectors to test capability. 


Windracers are a UAV company who aim to provide transportation services to the global humanitarian aid, research and environmental protection communities.  Windracers autonomous ULTRA UAV drone id the only operational drone with a carrying capacity of up to 100Kg over 1,000 km. To continue the development of their technology Windracers have been awarded a £100,000 match funded grant from AeroSpace Cornwall, allowing them to complete a second-generation ULTRA UAV with significant enhancements to their first UAV.

J Supplied

Experts in customised end-to-end integration of 3D printing, J Supplied support end users to transform manufacturing processes, empower a workforce and launch businesses into industry 4.0. They are developing their space sector capability further through support of AeroSpace Cornwall to obtain AS9100 and developing R&D projects for the space industry.


Exobotics is developing the next generation of small-satellite sub-systems with next level performance focused on practicality and reliability. They have also developed XOB-RV, the world’s first scalable, modular roving platform – compatible with the most accessible and popular industrial spacecraft standard – the CubeSat standard. 


Embedded software business, Bluefruit Software are creating their first prototype; the Audio Classification Equipment (ACE). This project is an embedded software application that can take pre-recorded audio or live audio and categorise the sample into pre-trained categories, making it possible to diagnose an internal machinery fault through sound recognition using real-time AI solutions.  

Cloud Digital

Cloud Digital is a cloud management company specialising in security and digital transformation, such as developing cyber security innovation for banks and telecommunications companies. They have received a grant from AeroSpace Cornwall to deliver a portal to allow users in the research / space / earth observation industries to access data from various satellite sources. 

TFP Hydrogen Products Ltd

TFP Hydrogen Products Ltd, formerly PV3 Technologies, specialises in the manufacturing and development of electrochemical materials, working collaboratively with suppliers, partners and customers to ensure they receive the material suited to their application.  Awarded match funding of £72,602, the business developed next generation coatings for PEM Water electrolysers, a key component used in this ground-breaking green technology. The coatings meant that they can reduce the cost of hydrogen production by increasing both energy efficiency and lifetime of the electrolyser; which enable water to be split into oxygen and green hydrogen – without the production of carbon dioxide.  


Using the very latest manufacturing methodologies, Sellectronics provide flexible turnkey assembly solutions to niche and high reliability sectors. In order to understand the quality assurance requirements of the aerospace sector, they are enhancing their service offer, by supporting their AS9100 certification. 

Logan Electronics. 

Logan Electronics manufacture and test of cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies including coils and RF antenna. In order to understand the quality assurance requirements of the aerospace sector, they are enhancing their service offer, by supporting their AS9100 certification.

Data Duopoly

Using GPS tracking data to enhance the visitor experience at theme parks, visitor attractions and venues, Data Duopoly’s app can pinpoint the user to less busy areas at for a stress-free experience. With AeroSpace Cornwall funding, they have accelerated the development of their product in light of the pandemic; adding extra functionality to manage visitor distribution and maintain social distancing.

North Coast Consulting

Mining consultants North Coast Consulting are working with AeroSpace Cornwall to develop a mining application, to for data and reporting, using GPS information, informed by satellites to look at incidences of mining related pollution from mine waste dumps. 

NCC would like to commission a third party to develop a bespoke mining application, to enable information to be captured instantly, and allow reports to be automatically generated.  This application would use enhanced GPS information, informed by satellites to provide better accuracy of position.

Carrak Consulting

Mining Consultancy, Carrak Consulting have received a fully funded £5k grant from AeroSpace Cornwall to enable knowledge transfer between AI specialist, Jane Gallwey Surveying, for the analysis of hyperspectral drone data. The funding will accelerate their new project, which aims to use the data to identify areas of arsenic contamination at abandoned mine sites. 


Remeody has developed a planning platform for utilities and infrastructure construction in areas contaminated by unexploded ordnance. Using satellite data, they can help to rebuild infrastructure in areas which have been devastated by war or land mines.  Following the success of this software development, Remeody are moving into the health arena. 

Piran Composites

Piran Composites are at the forefront of advanced composites, specialising in the development of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre structures for world-leading, record-breaking technologies and aircraft. Piran have found a solution for the highly demanding and harsh environments experienced in space and during launch. Piran Composites are developing their space sector capability further through AeroSpace Cornwall to obtain the essential accreditation AS9100, which will enable them to become part of the space  and aerospace supply chain.

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