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Get your AS9100, R&D tax credits, or IP legal services paid for, by AeroSpace Cornwall

Sometimes our big idea needs more than just financial support.  Sometimes we need expert, industry advice from experienced business leaders to move forward and develop our business solutions.   

AeroSpace Cornwall's extensive support framework enables your business to access a range of innovation support services, tailored to meet your needs, which will help you develop your innovative ideas.  

We can create a support package, tailored to you, worth up to £10k of de minimis funding for you to obtain your AS9100 training, learn more about R&D tax credits, get your SC21 accreditation, or even give you IP and legal advice. 

Below is a comprehensive list of accreditations and business support services that we offer, which will enhance your business capability, and open doors. 



If you want to supply to the aerospace industry, then it pays to get the AS9100 accreditation. The AS9100 is widely recognised as the preferred quality management system for the 
aerospace industry and is a model for high quality assurance in design development, 
production, installation and servicing. 

AeroSpace Cornwall will arrange for a certified ISO AS9100 knowledge provider to provide up to 100 hours of support the business to secure your AS9100 accreditation.  This will include;

  • evaluating the business’s supply chain capability and carrying out a capability gap analysis
  • recommending the relevant supply chain accreditation road map
  • running knowledge transfer sessions to enable the business to meet the ISO AS9100 standard

It's worth knowing that many companies within the industry will only work with businesses who are AS9100-certified. 

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IP and Legal Services

IP and Legal Services

Enhance the market value of your business idea and generate income through licencing, sale or commercialisation of protected products and services. 

Our IP and Legal advisors, Foot Anstey will use their specialist space and aerospace sector knowledge to give you up to 30 hours of relevant advice, providing a bespoke strategy for each business. 

Foot Anstey will guide you through the following: 

  • IP searches and trademark applications
  • Advice on applications for registration of IP and commercialisation of a business’s existing IP
  • Strategic advice and support on all agreements for the exploitation of IP including collaboration agreements and IP licensing
  • Draft template documentation and review proposed documentation (NDAs, consultancy agreements, assignment of rights).

To find out more about other services Foot Anstey offer, over and above their IP and legal advice, you can contact them here:


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R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits

Did you know that every £1 of qualifying R&D expenditure is granted an extra 130% deduction from taxable profits? 

Research and Development Tax Credits are a tax incentive designed to encourage SME's to invest in R&D. You may be able to reduce your tax bill or claim cash credits as a proportion of their R&D expenditure.

AeroSpace Cornwall will pay for you to attend a workshop with a tax credits expert who will explain the financial relationships between R&D Tax credit and Grant Funding. You’ll also benefit from a 4 hour 121 session where you learn to create an impact assessment related to R&D investment.

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If you want to sell your cloud-based solution to the UK government, then G-Cloud is a framework where your cloud-based solutions are made available through the Digital Marketplace. 

We will commission G-Cloud experts for up to 2.5 days, who will demonstrate the G-Cloud portal, explain the process for application and show you what makes a successful application, supporting any submission. 

A typical session includes: 

  • How to understand the G-Cloud platform model
  • Advice on a successful application prosses
  • Support on written application/ submitting application

This support will enable you to understand the market requirements to become a new UK Government ‘G-Cloud’ service provider.

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Endorsed by the MOD, and the major UK aerospace and defence companies, SC21 Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) is a nationally recognised change management toolkit, ensuring safety and compliance with the BS EN 9100 standard – opening up opportunities for you to engage with the biggest players in the aerospace industry.

SC21 works by: 

  • Providing best in class improvement programmes, supported by industry experts.
  • Defining your performance goals, standardising the approach and tools for continuous sustainable improvement.
  • It’s a national programme led by ADS, collaborating with participant companies, prime contractors, regional trade associations (RTAs), LEPs, strategic partners, practitioners, training partners, assessors, providers and ambassadors.
  • The accreditation is overseen by the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) and supported by the UK Aerospace Supply Chain Competitiveness Charter.

The aerospace industry expects the highest standard of manufacturing process and quality control. By gaining your SC21 accreditation, your business will be open to receiving orders from key aerospace businesses and be an integral part of the supply chain. 

Sign up for the SC21 accreditation and you’ll be in good company; more than 300 companies within the UK supply chain are SC21 participants.

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So how does it work?

We will work with you to create a bespoke support package, worth up to £10k of de minimis funding tailored to your business requirements.  

Contact us at to find out how you can benefit from our range of business support. 

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