Grant Funding

Whats on offer?

Have you got an idea for a product or service, but not sure how to develop it? Do you need funding to help your idea fly? Do you want access to specialist information and expertise? Do you want to work with research institutions?

We can help your business with the following:

What the funding is for?

Understand your market

Understand your market

Unsure how your product or service can add value to the aerospace & space sectors? Or does your use of satellite data enhance your offering? 

We can award you with a fully funded grant of up to £10k for the following: 

Market Research

Work with an expert in order to clarify the opportunity for your idea. 

Want to visit a conference or trade show to validate the market opportunity? 

Meet potential customers, suppliers and experts to confirm if your product or service is commercially viable. 

Market Diversification

Have you already got an existing product, service or technology? We can support you in accessing the space and aerospace markets. 


Develop your product

Develop your product

Need to develop your idea before it's ready for market? 

We can award match funding for R&D projects.  

Our average grant size is typically is £100k for a £200k project, however, this can be flexible. Some businesses only need to access a smaller amount of funding.  

Perhaps you want to collaborate with another business or a research insitution. We have larger grants available to make the money go further. 

We pride ourselves on our mentoring ability. Our Project Managers will guide you through the process, from the initial application, all the way through to completion.  

Unlock the market

Unlock the market

Access to space and aerospace technology experts. 

We don't just offer funding.  We offer access to space and aerospace technology experts, IP lawyers, bid writers, and offer SC21 accreditations which will help accelerate the stage where you can demonstrate your product and take it to market. 

In fact, you can access up to 100 hours of expert advice to ensure your product can be supplied to your customers.

We will organise all of this for you, and signpost you to other services and opportunities you can benefit from. 

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Your business is in a prime position to take advantage of new opportunities for manufacturing in space and aerospace applications.

We can fund accreditations such as Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21), a nationally recognised change management toolkit, or Aerospace Management training, ensuring safety and compliance with the BS EN 9100 standard – opening up opportunities for you to engage with the biggest players in the aerospace industry.


Benefit from an increased profile

We like to shout from the rooftops about the products and services our businesses are developing and have gained coverage for them in press and on social media around the world.  

If you want to see your name in lights, then contact Shelley, Marketing and Communications Manager for AeroSpace Cornwall: