BILDr develop their GPU desktop solution using Edge AI.


Cornwall-based start-up, BILDr has developed a GPU based desktop solution, optimised for the marine industry, using information collected from submersibles. This data processing system includes seismic data used to identify safe sites for the deployment of wind farms.

This ground-breaking software solution includes benefits such as the identifying of boulders and other foreign bodies in the ocean that can cause disruption when laying undersea cables. Further to this, the system will process seismic data related to safe sites for deploying wind farms.

While a fantastic solution for the marine industry, the data collected currently requires human intervention in its interpretation,
with room for error. To solve this issue, BILDr is partnering with AeroSpace Cornwall to develop an Edge AI solution system that will
sit on board vessels and speed up the marine survey process. Making these smart decisions around navigation will reduce transportation and emission levels as well as reduce costs.

AeroSpace Cornwall have awarded a match-funded R&D grant of 105k for this £210k project to pay for materials, satellite networks and software development. 

This sizeable grant will support BILDr to deploy a smaller, low-cost antennae to sit on vessels and use satellite technology to stream data to and from vessels which will allow data to be uploaded at sea, meaning scientists can make deductions in almost real time and pass intelligence back to the ship efficiently, enabling quick decisions to be made. 

As a digital business using satellite data and communications, BILDr is taking advantage of Goonhilly Earth Station’s AI data centre to develop their service. AeroSpace Cornwall supports businesses working collaboratively and this approach is a pivotal reason why the Cornwall’s Local Industrial Strategy has a focus on data and space, and further to this, why the Cornwall Space Cluster is growing exponentially.

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