ConeX Portal

More than just a network or a directory, ConeX is a digital hub which connects product developers and business owners to the right supply chain in the manufacturing and aerospace communities. 

ConeX is growing exponentially under the guidance of entrepreneur Sam Baynham whose main focus is on collaboration rather than competition, with an aim to help product developers bring their ideas to market. 

AeroSpace Cornwall is working with ConeX to develop their digital hub – through both business support and an R&D grant. 

ConeX initially approached AeroSpace Cornwall to better understand the market requirements for their digital hub through a 100% funded market research grant, and now this has been recognised as a feasible service, they have received R&D funding to develop their service offering. The combination of these types of funding and business support will provide better connections across the manufacturing and aerospace supply chains and enable companies to build resilience with new local suppliers and get projects to market faster and more efficiently. 

Initially ConeX needed to enhance the market value of their business idea and benefitted from IP and Legal support from AeroSpace Cornwall’s specialist aerospace and space advisors, Foot Anstey.

Foot Anstey offered a bespoke package to ConeX and guided Sam through IP searches and trademark applications, advice on commercialisation and IP licencing, NDA’s, consultancy agreements and assignment of rights. 

This valuable support helped ConeX to start to generate income through their service offering. 

ConeX also benefited from Research and Development Tax Credits, which are a tax incentive designed to encourage SME's to invest in R&D.   AeroSpace Cornwall paid for ConeX to attend a workshop with an expert who explained the financial relationships between R&D Tax credit and Grant Funding. 

With their R&D match funded grant, ConeX has plans to improve the digital functionality of the portal and upgrade it to give an entire project process and management approach to all projects.  Based on customer research, the business is in the process of incorporating a messaging system, community and blog pages, and improved search tools to the platform – this functionality is much needed in the current climate.

To find out more about the ConeX Portal project, please contact AeroSpace Cornwall.