Helicrew Manager

Helicrew Manager

Helicrew Manager is the roster management tool that’s essential for helicopter operators.  The platform boasts several prestigious helicopter operators around the world in offshore, HEMS, Windfarm support, test flight and special ops. 

Managed by helicopter pilot Craig Webster, Helicrew Manager began as a history focussed project which has, through sheer demand, turned into a complex predictive tool. 

With 500 dedicated users on their site, there was high demand to access the platform, so Helicrew needed to expand in order improve site responsiveness and user experience. 

Helicrew were looking to grow their roster platform to accommodate up to 5,000 users, with increased scale and capability. To do this, Helicrew approached AeroSpace Cornwall for R&D grant match funding to scale up the system and employ staff in order to create a scaled-up portal for flight operators, and to grow the customer base. 

AeroSpace Cornwall offered Helicrew grant funding of £10k, with a match funded amount of £20k to carry implement the development of Helicrew Manager 2.0.

Further to this, AeroSpace Cornwall recognised the need for business support in the form of IP and legal services. The EU funded programme organised for Helicrew to work with their legal advisors Foot Anstey who used their specialist aerospace sector knowledge to offer 30 hours of relevant IP advice, providing a bespoke strategy for business growth. 

As a result of the funding and support, the new system has been simplified and added a lot of intrinsic value.  Helicrew Manager 2.0 is more resilient, requires less upkeep and can be scaled to demand. 

Further to this, Helicrew Manager 2.0aims to reduce wastage in the Helicopter Industry by optimising planning and utilisation of staff and aircraft, which has the much-needed result of reducing the environmental impact. 

With more helicopter operators on their books, and an expansion on the horizon, Helicrew is looking to recruit staff for software development and business support and administration. With these additional resources, the business is free to develop a Safety Management system - a sister product to Helicrew Manager. 


To find out more about the Helicrew project, or the business IP support offered via Foot Anstey, please contact AeroSpace Cornwall.