Hi9 is a Voice User Interface, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence design agency that builds Audio Digital Assistants that work in Extreme and Industrial Environments. These technologies provide a more efficient, accurate and safer approach when it comes to accessing and recording information using voice and Space Communications both off and online.

Wo received £ 5,200 to collaborate with University of Exeter’s High Performance Computing and Networking team on the University's simulator to research and develop the use of bots with satellite communications linked to extreme environments. The business is also supported by the Satellite Applications SpaceTech programme.

The research project has developed a demonstrator (see image) which proves the use of 'Intent Design' in chatbots which will now be presented at the UK Space Conference in September 2019. The demonstrator will then be used to go for Venture Capital and further funding to launch. Hi-9 are also providing product development services for the R&D project REMEODY are leading.

By cutting down data transmitted over Satellite into very small sizes communication could be replaced by common phrases coded on both sides, reducing the repetition seen especially in structured official communication. This would mean a very small amount of data could be sent that could then be translated into voice and into many different languages. There’s a possibility of even having the Intent coding in the satellite. Other benefits include security and speed of delivery.

Wo is “talking to satellite companies, building bots that interact with large data that end users can use, and leading a project to build a ground up IoT network in the Southwest. All this started because of this demonstrator. It has led us down some weird routes”. Hi-9.