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Hirst Magnetics


Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd is one of the leading industrial magnetics companies in the world in research, development and innovative solutions. Our pioneering innovation in a new form of technology has led to us becoming market leaders in China, the world’s largest market for magnet manufacturing.

Having anticipated the rise of electric vehicles and electric aircraft, Hirst are uniquely positioned to provide solutions from magnet material manufacture through to the magnetisation of Electric Motors / Rotors in industrial production environments and applications.

Permanent magnets have unlocked many applications for aerospace, environmental and automotive markets, but its true potential in energy/weight/performance improvements has only started to be realised. 

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd are ideally situated, with a 60-year history of innovative industrial solutions, pushing the boundaries of theoretical physics into real world solutions.

Previous collaboration with Exeter University’s School of Mathematics through KTP 10698 created an accurate, absolute, and mathematically rigorous method for mapping Open Magnetic Circuit characteristics to Closed Magnetic Circuit characteristics. This was a game changing and disruptive technological advance.

PROJECT - Magnet Characterisation Validation (MAG-VAL) 

‘With the advent of increasingly electric aircraft and other aerospace applications, permanent magnets are of central significance. Today the measurement of these magnets is dependent upon a slow and inaccurate 1950s technology. This Project of validating a magnetics technique known as Self Demagnetisation Field Function, (SDFF) will unlock a modern technique as a general purpose, accurate, green future standard for measurement of modern magnets in all modern industrial shapes.’


Hirst received £267,750 for an 18 month project to build a prototype experimental platform that validates this work. Validation required a specially designed experimental platform and the National Physical Laboratory are currently validating the process with results due in September 2019. 

The success of this project has put Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. in a position that will enable them to design and develop a range of Pulsed Field Magnetometers (PFM) for the accurate characterisation of finished permanent magnets in all possible geometries, providing true closed magnetic circuit.

Future PFM products will be designed, manufactured and supported from Cornwall, supplying to world markets in rapidly growing areas of economic importance. In addition, licensing of the technique is also under consideration.

The project has been supported by Yasa Ltd. Who are designers and manufacturers of light weight, high torque electric motors for the Aerospace, Automotive and other applications. It is anticipated that Yasa will be the first customer of the new calibration machines. 

This projects adds significant value to the aerospace and space sectors, increase the revenue of Hirst by 400%, create over 20 new highly skills jobs (50% PhD level and 50% degree level) and bring at least one new product to the market. 

“For a business with a current turnover of ~£1 million, this is clearly a transformative project, with the benefits all being seen in Cornwall.” Hirst