Mayes Creative

Mayes Creative is a consultancy business that produces innovative and creative engagement opportunities for communities in Cornwall. The business works in partnership with heritage, science and technology partners, with the aim of bringing exciting events, activities & experiences to communities. Mayes Creative is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to share and explore inspiring ideas through collaboration.    

Working with Avanti at Goonhilly Earth Station and the Satellite Applications Catapult, Mayes Creative has pivoted into the space sector in Cornwall, through the development of a ‘citizen science’ cosmic ray detector.   Cosmic Ray Detectors are tools designed to detect Cosmic Rays - high energy particles coming from space. These detectors will provide accurate data which will help the  consortia track the directionality of cosmic rays. Mayes Creative’s plan is to create a strategically placed array of Cosmic Ray Detectors in Cornwall to gather data on cosmic rays at ground level for use in creative engagement and enterprise.  Once this has been established, Mayes Creative plan on distributing the detectors to strategic locations nationally and internationally, to ensure a broad and accurate detection of cosmic rays. 

At a point in time when cosmic ray activity is rising year on year, alongside plans for increased space travel and our greater dependence on satellite communications, cosmic ray data is vital. The uses of this information can, however, stem from science to cinema and performance.

Mayes Creative has been using Cosmic Ray data for a variety of their events and community experiences. Their uses have ranged from performance intervention to controlling some of their films. Now, they are looking to shift their approach towards enterprise as well as Creative Engagement, to leverage the commercial opportunity of this raw data, and contribute to their aim of financial sustainability.

Having explored a number of commercial routes to market, Mayes Creative approached AeroSpace Cornwall to understand the market demand for the cosmic ray detectors amongst space and Astrophysicists that would enable the production of the units to be commercially viable. 

Market Research Requirement

Mayes Creative needed commercial and academic market expert advice to understand and quantify the market size, opportunity and appetite for the product, and price points for the end product.  The markets identified were schools and Space and Astro-physics enthusiasts 

When the cosmic ray detectors can be commercially viable, Mayes Creative will then be able to apply for funding or investment to develop the product further. 

AeroSpace Cornwall recommended R&D Tax Credits, delivered by legal experts Mayes and Foot Anstey in order for them to make an advance in the space sector. 

AeroSpace Cornwall offers a flexible programme of work up to a maximum of £10k. For our R&D Tax Credits workshop, we offer  a 1 hour workshop with up to 6 business to find out more about R&D Tax credits and Grant Funding. Plus a 4 hours 121 session with May Futures to create an impact assessment related to R&D investments and report detailing any areas which the business should consider further.

Mayes Creative also benefited from 30 hours of IP and Legal services, run by legal experts, Foot Anstey.  This included:

  • IP searches and trademark applications
  • Advice on applications for registration of IP and commercialisation of a business’s existing IP
  • Strategic advice and support on all agreements for the exploitation of IP including collaboration agreements and IP licensing
  • Draft template documentation and review proposed documentation (NDAs, consultancy agreements, assignment of rights)

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