North Coast Consulting

Specialising in the provision of services to the world mining sector, Minerals and Environment Consultancy North Coast Consulting Ltd, draws on many years of experience to offer bespoke assistance to a global mining market in 40 countries. 

A local business with a global network, NCC is well versed in preparing works in line with international mining-related guidance, including the Equator Principles, the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards and the World Bank Mining and General Guidelines for Environment, Health and Safety. This allows the business to provide high quality assistance to enable mining companies and funding agencies to implement their environmental and social management solutions which satisfy both national and international standards and requirements. 

NCC has worked with a wide variety of clients, from Government Mineral and Environmental Ministries, International Banks and Financiers, and globally important Mining Companies, to provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions to their mining, environmental and social issues.

Their 40 years of experience means NCC truly are experts in their field, providing assistance in environmental and social matters for all stages of mine development, from the exploration and construction phases, through the operational stage, and into closure and post-closure stages. NCC provides mineral management and environmental guidance in a number of areas, and offers inter alia the following services:

• Environmental Auditing
• Environmental Management Systems
• Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans
• Environmental and Social Action Plans
• Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)
• Environmental Baseline Surveys
• Environmental Risk Assessments
• Environmental and Social Contributions to Feasibility Studies
• Mineral Agency
• Minerals Management
• Mine Closure and Rehabilitation Plans

NCC also works for mineral owners, to identify historic mining features on their land, and conduct regular inspections to report on the condition of these features.  The majority of this work is executed manually, making longhand notes, using Google Earth maps for the most likely feature positioning and taking photographs.  This information is assimilated back in the office, to produce a schedule of features with condition and recommended remedial actions.

Passionate about the use of space data, as it is aligned with the Local Industrial Strategy, AeroSpace Cornwall offered North Coast Consulting a Market Research grant to develop a bespoke mining application to enable instant info capture, and reporting, which would use satellite technology to provide better accuracy of position and allow large areas to be surveyed at a reduced cost. This app will be a step in continuing the drive toward a more responsible, sustainable era of mining legacy management.

The market research enabled development of a Beta version of the mining app, which has been extremely useful in strengthening NCC’s business offering, through a streamlined service.  More field testing is required in order to make the app fully commercial.

To find out more about the North Coast Consulting project, please contact AeroSpace Cornwall.