Experts in facial recognition technology, TouchByte is transforming daily lives through face recognition applications.  

Touchbyte is currently developing an enhanced facial recognition solution - Facentry.  Developed with funding from Innovate UK, the Contactless Access Control system opens up the opportunity for the space and aerospace sectors to add additional layers of security to their locations - like ground operation stations. Facentry uses your face to access a location, building or room, replacing unsafe fingerprints and keypads and a solution that meets the needs of a post Covid-19 world.

In fact, Covid-19 has inspired Touchbyte to further innovate by developing:

Faceentry - Access a space with your face - access control system

Facestream - Analyse, recognise and notify faces entering spaces - giving you footfall and demographic data

SecureCall - Face to face secure video calls by integrating face recognition into Microsoft Teams

AgeCheck - Age check faces in spaces - faster contactless self service checkouts for those over 30 and enrolled customers.

To find out more about Touchbyte's innovative applications, get in touch.